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The Nero Burning ROM is a newer version of the Nero software to create CDR and DVDR disk. It's a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use application designed to write both data and CD audio to CD-R and CD-RW discs. It supports ISO 9660 images as well as ISO mode 1 and XA mode 2, and allows for on-the-fly disc recording in addition to overburning. With Nero Burning ROM you can copy disk, make VCD?s, and create and design your own covers. It also allows HD DVD playback, with support for Blu-ray Disc Recording and using an iPod as a video player. You will also note that it has an Xbox 360 Streaming.

There are a few Pros to the Nero Burning ROM Software such as the following programs including the Easy CD Creator, and Winon CD. Which accepts mp3 files directly in to an audio CD Track list. You do not have to have a decoder to convert .wav files. Another Pro is the Vision Express, which converts mp4 to DVDs better. Another Pro you will notice that it burns data to media quicker and easier than before.

Unfortunately, everything has cons and the Nero Burning ROM is no exception. The first con is that there have been some complaints about the reliability of the MP3 Decoder. One complaint is that it cuts off the end of MP3 files. Another is that it has discrepancies of the reference decoders, and cuts the bandlimit down to around 21kHz. Another con or complaint is of there being a variety of Bugs to be worked out, and as such slows the program down severely, which if you think about it bugs in programs can and will make them run slower and many applications out there have fixes for bugs founding their programs. Quite a few often complain of no customer support however when ever I have contacted the people at Nero I have received an email response in a timely manner. While others complain that the program hangs, however I have to wonder is it the program itself or what is installed on their computer, maybe they don?t have the right amount of hardware to run the program. The program also is known to crash a lot and the basic functions do not work half of the time.

If you consider all of the cons reported and add to that it still has over 16,000,000 downloads then maybe there aren?t that many cons after all and it could be that they do not have the resources on the pc to run the program. I have to give Nero Burning Rom a 7.5 for the look into the great features that once all of the kinks are worked out will be nice to have, however the price still males some of us leery.

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